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Thursday, August 27, 2015

The New Page For Rob McIntyre Photography

Link to Rob McIntyre Photography Main Gallery

Perhaps its just me but one can't being overwhelmed with the amount ways there is to get a message out these days.There so many more options when it comes to web hosting of photo galleries !!I certainly can't claim to be an expert in that regard , far from it indeed would be a much truer statement! I have tried various methods but I get frustrated trying to manage a number of different formats. When it comes right  down to it all I want to do is share/sell my images while at the same time have a venue to express my thoughts about the circumstances in which they were captured.

So with the above  in mind I have switched things up a bit. Dumped my website in favour of a blog page. That and along with storing the images I have for sale in partnership with my wife who is the owner of SophiePhoto.

I think this change will be great as it provided me with a way to share my images as well as tell the stories behind them.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to live and work in a variety of places. Not only throughout Canada and the US but as well as such places as the Maldives, Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola. I continue to travel as result of my main occupation , which is a being a Pilot. This has not only given me opportunity to travel to places off the beaten path but also to gain perspective.

The images I am sharing today I think represents just what is that I mean by the opportunity to travel off the beaten path.

From Luau Angola (There is a link embedded to give you an idea of where Luau is ).

On this day I flew in for the morning . We were transporting provincial government officials around eastern Angola. I spent the morning walking around the village with one of my colleagues and as usual I was taking photographs.

The kids were so fun and on some occasions inviting me into their homes to meet with their parents so they could be photographed too.

I did not have a lot of money with me that day and truth be told I think I would have started a riot had I not had enough for everyone. Instead I decided to had out small cards with a picture of the Maldives to the kids. Well they went crazy for them! At times  I felt like the pied piper!

I hope you will enjoy the photos and the video.

Sophie Lecavalier Photography: Human Interest &emdash; IMG_5118.jpg

Sophie Lecavalier Photography: Human Interest &emdash; IMG_5058-Edit.jpg

Sophie Lecavalier Photography: Human Interest &emdash; IMG_5069-Edit.jpg

I am so happy to have this video clip. It is a moment I will cherish! 

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